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We are super excited to welcome you to Shine this Summer!

It’s sad we can’t gather like we normally do because of COVID-19 BUT we have some really good news… Shine is still happening ONLINE every Wednesday, starting 15 July until 26 August.

ROAR! Life is WILD but GOD is GOOD

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Pierre Fromage and his apprentice explorer, Jacques Baguette, are no strangers to the wild. They will lead us on the first stage of our epic Shine adventure as we discover when life doesn’t go to plan, God is still good!

Also, WATCH NOW to see who Pierre & Jacques will visit at home…for our all-new Shine Surprise!!!

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Still lost in the jungle, Pierre, Jacques and the Shine wilderness trainees come across a strange and potentially dangerous creature – good thing we’re prepared. As they face this frightening situation on the second stage of our Shine adventure, we’ll be reminded that when life is scary, God is still good!

And get excited for our second Shine Surprise – will our favourite duo be knocking on your door as you watch Shine Online?

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On their way out of the jungle, Pierre & Jacques come across a watery obstacle. Watch them attempt to cross on their search for freedom. Don’t forget to download the colouring page AND vote for who you want to get gunged next week!

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After four weeks lost, Pierre and Jacques realise it’s time to start making a shelter and set up camp. Jacques isn’t so keen and would rather have someone like Moses lead him to safety – tune in to hear how Moses did it!

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WEEK FIVE – available from 12 August

WEEK SIX – available from 19 August

WEEK SEVEN – available from 26 August