Tots @ Home | Sep 27

Welcome back to Tots @ Home. This week is a little different, due to us having our LIVE programme on Saturday morning we do not have a new Tots video for you today. However, I have added the kids video below which covers the same story from the LIVE programme yesterday. You may need to skip parts out, if you watch from the beginning until 06.00 and then skip to the song at 13.23 and then to the memory verse at 22.40.

Don’t forget to download our extra resources and activities below to take this weeks story further. This term we will be using resources from Trueway Kids and they have some super activity pages for each story, so make sure to check them out!

Lastly, this week also saw the return of our Parents & Toddler programme which you can watch via Facebook or via the grow page!

Together @ Home

Click here to download this week’s Tots worship plan full of fun activities to dive deeper into today’s story. 

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