Kids @ Home | May 31

Junior Church is happening live via ZOOM on Sunday morning at 9.30am. If you haven’t received the sign in details via email please contact me at

The video below will be played during the ZOOM session, so please do not watch it if you are planning on joining us on Sunday. The video has been provided here for anyone who cannot make the session! Today we are learning about Daniel in the lions Den. There will be games, story, quiz and small group time, with a dedicated small group session for our P7’s. So do not miss it!

Please remember to change the sign in name to the name(s) of your child and if possible, could the P7’s have their own screen from siblings to facilitate the breakout time. 

NB: Today’s activity PDF has been taken from Jessica Ann Jenner’s resource ‘together at home’. 

Together @ Home

Click here to download this week’s Kids worship plan full of fun activities to dive deeper into today’s story. 

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