Up, In, and Out

Grow Together

Now more than ever we are a church without walls – scattered – to be salt & light in Belfast and beyond. We want to be open to and step towards the opportunities this unprecedented situation presents. Therefore, we’re eager to resource you (and your family) over the coming weeks to look UP, IN & OUT. There will be resources for all ages & stages so keep checking for more coming soon!


Tots @ Home | May 17

Today in Tots @ Home we take a second look at the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo, we have a craft from Alice and

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | May 17

This week at Kids @ Home we learn how God humbles King Nebuchadnezzar. We hear about the strange dream he had, but we also see

Deep Dive

Come Dine With Me

It’s a mystery why God should want us to come and dine with him, yet he does nevertheless. Come God doesn’t force us into a

A group of four children lined up wearing outdoor clothes and wellington boots
Junior Church

Kids @ Home | May 10

George and Jimmy find something exciting at the back of their wardrobe, they play firemen and hear today’s story all about Shadrach, Meschach and Abendigo!


Tots @ Home | May 10

Jimmy and George go on an exciting adventure to a new village, play firemen and learn about today’s story from the bible, Shadrach, Meschach and

Deep Dive

Keep Abiding & Carry On

David spoke from John 15, which is part of what is known as Jesus’ farewell discourse (John 14-17). Jesus isn’t going to be around much

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | May 3

Junior Church is happening LIVE this Sunday via ZOOM at 9.30am! We will have a game, story, memory verse & small group time, not forgetting


Tots @ Home | May 3

Join Jimmy & Julieanne as they explore the story of Queen Esther and learn how we can be brave because God helps us! Remember to


Laments in Lockdown

A number of weeks ago, we heard about Psalm 86. A Psalm where King David found himself in a difficult situation. He called out in


A Call To Pray

A call went out across the island of Ireland to pray on Palm Sunday. The aim was to get as many people as possible to


Read Together Challenge

If you find yourself struggling to regularly read the bible, why not take on our latest Read Together challenge and read the book of James with someone else?

Deep Dive

Finding Rest

Psalm 62. Some people might find more rested through this time, but others might be feeling added pressures from extra workloads and increased stress from

Blue Speckled Background

7 Rhythms | Seven Steps to Thrive and Flourish

We set off on this short series with an acknowledgement, that right now, in lockdown, we aren’t always thriving and flourishing. To live lives that are life-giving and God-honouring we are suggesting 7 Rhythms to practice every day.

Junior Church

Kids Together @ Home | April 26

Join George & Julieanne today as they make some rainbows, learn about Jonah & the whale and visit some friends from Junior Church! Remember to


Tots Together @ Home | April 26

Today in Tots @ Home Julieanne tells the story of Jonah, Jimmy makes some rainbows and we hear from the McBrides and find out what