Up, In, and Out

Grow Together

Now more than ever we are a church without walls – scattered – to be salt & light in Belfast and beyond. We want to be open to and step towards the opportunities this unprecedented situation presents. Therefore, we’re eager to resource you (and your family) over the coming weeks to look UP, IN & OUT. There will be resources for all ages & stages so keep checking for more coming soon!


Tots @ Home | June 21

This week in Tots @ Home we are learning about Nehemiah who rebuilt the walls, just like the boys and girls in Junior Church. Join

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God Hears and Responds to Our Prayers

Last week where we considered Habakkuk’s dialogue with God (1:2-4), whereby, he asks questions that many of us ask of God: How long? Why? Prayer

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | June 14

Join George this week as we learn more about Ezra and the journey the people of Israel took as they returned home from captivity. We


Tots @ Home | June 14

This week Jimmy and Julieanne learn that having a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing! They have some fun with their play kitchen

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Praying Like Habakkuk

Where is God in a land of confusion? Many people are asking what God is doing about all the injustices going on in our world

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | June 7

This morning George gets ready to go on a camping trip and we learn about a big journey the Israelite’s took in the book of


Tots @ Home | June 7

Welcome back to Tots @ Home. This month we will be looking at some stories from the New Testament. Today we revisit one of the

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The Day of Pentecost

Last week we celebrated Jesus’ ascension when he was taken up to heaven to be with his Father. Just before he ascended he told his


Tots @ Home | May 31

Before you begin today’s video can I give you all a challenge to build a den together as a family. It could be a den

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | May 31

Junior Church is happening live via ZOOM on Sunday morning at 9.30am. If you haven’t received the sign in details via email please contact me

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You Will be my Witnesses

Today is Ascension Sunday, which reminds us that the risen Jesus defeated death and ascended to be with the Father. Augustine said this was the


Walk + Pray

Embark on prayer walks amid the coronavirus lockdown, being attentive to God’s presence as you walk, seeing His heart for those in your community and

Junior Church

Kids @ Home | May 24

Join us on another fun filled episode as we find out what George has been getting up to, explore Daniel 5 as we learn about


Tots @ Home | May 24

Jimmy & Julieanne have some fun making shadow puppets, learning another story from the book of Daniel and writing hidden messages. We also take a

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A One Sentence Prayer

Do you ever doubt? Is it ok to doubt? As a Christian, do you ever have doubts about God’s goodness and purposes, or whether he