Up, In, and Out

Grow Together

Now more than ever we are a church without walls – scattered – to be salt & light in Belfast and beyond. We want to be open to and step towards the opportunities this unprecedented situation presents. Therefore, we’re eager to resource you (and your family) over the coming weeks to look UP, IN & OUT. There will be resources for all ages & stages so keep checking for more coming soon!

Deep Dive

Deep Dive

The Day of Pentecost

Last week we celebrated Jesus’ ascension when he was taken up to heaven to be with his Father. Just before he ascended he told his

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You Will be my Witnesses

Today is Ascension Sunday, which reminds us that the risen Jesus defeated death and ascended to be with the Father. Augustine said this was the

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A One Sentence Prayer

Do you ever doubt? Is it ok to doubt? As a Christian, do you ever have doubts about God’s goodness and purposes, or whether he

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Come Dine With Me

It’s a mystery why God should want us to come and dine with him, yet he does nevertheless. Come God doesn’t force us into a

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Keep Abiding & Carry On

David spoke from John 15, which is part of what is known as Jesus’ farewell discourse (John 14-17). Jesus isn’t going to be around much

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Finding Rest

Psalm 62. Some people might find more rested through this time, but others might be feeling added pressures from extra workloads and increased stress from

Oil painting on a white canvas showing an abstract array of colours
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A Prayer of Lament

Psalm 86. A Psalm where David finds himself in a difficult situation. He’s in trouble, so calls out in a prayer of lament. It’s an

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Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed

It’s Resurrection day – David enthusiastically encouraged us as we celebrate to say out loud that ‘Christ has risen, He has risen indeed!’  A particular

Dark and stormy skies covered in clouds
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Good Friday 2020

On Good Friday, Gordon highlighted some key moments surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and death from Luke 23:44-53. Darkness came over the whole land, and the curtain

A navy wall which has become weathered over a number of years
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Prisoners of Hope

A quick roundup of this week’s talk with some questions to discuss and think about.