a church without walls

We’re a family where everyone is welcome, where old and young gather together under one roof to share, to celebrate, to laugh and cry, to encourage, to talk, to listen and to share life together.

In our family we strive after acceptance, love, hope, forgiveness, wise choices, encouraging words, challenge and unity. Like every family, we don’t always get it right – we make mistakes, we disagree, we sometimes fail but through it all we seek to learn, love and laugh as we grow together on our journey of faith. We aren’t a perfect family but our hope is that Windsor will be a place you can call home.

We want to hear from you so please keep in touch, let us know how we can best support, resource and pray for you.

We are ONE BODY put together by God. Now more than ever, we want to glorify God by caring for one another in the body.

Can YOU OFFER HELP to care for our church family? Can WE OFFER HELP to you?


we would love to pray for you and have a team of people who are committed to doing that – confidentially and confident that God is for us! Click here to send us anything you want prayed for

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David Dunlop


Gordon Darragh

Associate Pastor

Mark Houston

Youth Pastor

Julieanne Ashfield

Kids Worker