40 Days Reflections

We are followers of Jesus who long to share what this discipleship journey means to us. Here is a space where you are invited to do just that.
Please tell us what has struck you on these 40 Days of prayer. It could be a personal story of how you have been challenged or encouraged, or a burden for our church as we navigate towards our new family home.
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Alison wrote on February 23, 2021:
On Sunday 14th Feb the 40 days reflections and my Explore Bible notes had the same theme of HUMILITY. I am realising that a 'humble' Christian is an incredible witness. It is so countercultural to be humble - avoiding self-promotion, and seeking to consider others first before ourselves.
Do I find myself interrupting and talking over others? (sometimes I have!). Your friends can't get a word in because we consider our story worthier of 'air-time' - (again I have been guilty of this). In simple ways we can show humility, by listening to others, as in really listening!
I have been challenged to 'walk humbly with my God'
Micah 6v8 'He has shown you O man what is good and what does the Lord require of you. To act justly and love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.'
Helen wrote on February 5, 2021:
I am really enjoying the 40 Days of Prayer journey so far. I have been spending time making notes and reflecting on God's word and asking myself how the daily messages relate to myself. Recently, I have listened to and read a lot about Blessings. I have prayed to God asking 'What are these blessings you want to pour out into my life? Are they blessings for myself or blessings you want me to show to others?' I felt God respond to my prayer by saying to wait patiently because greater things are yet to come. I do not know what God has in store for me, but I trust that whatever it may be, that He has amazing plans for my life. I need only to wait for Him and trust that at the right time, these blessings will be made apparent to me. God bless. Helen.
Gordon wrote on February 2, 2021:
Unity has challenged me this week.
How we relate to other believers is obviously important but this week the focus has shifted from 'nice' to 'necessary'. A recent BBC Daily Service (21/1/21) during the week of prayer for Christian Unity helpfully highlighted the danger of confusing uniformity and unity. Richard Littledale thanked God for 'the glorious lack of uniformity in the church of Jesus Christ...'! We even get a sense of that in our small church family.
The priority is all about the God we worship: there is only one God and one gospel and the church’s inner dynamic is to reflect this reality. One God and therefore one people of God!
So, what did you make of the PAUSE prayer? What place is there for us to 'experience the suffering caused by division'?
Suffering the pain of disunity is never good - but does the experience of such pain sensitise us to the awful consequences of sin that causes division? Paul's call to unity in 1 Cor.12 leaves no room for dismissing other parts of the body, saying 'I don't need you'. So the challenge for me this week has been to see denominational diversity as a healthy expression of our Baptist principle of 'liberty of conscience', whilst resisting the fierce isolation of saying 'I don't need you'. Surely there is no room for protecting our market share in a consumer culture when it comes to church!
I'm thankful for the diverse expressions of the gospel as a dozen churches cooperate in reaching international students in Belfast. It is a privilege to participate in the work of International Meeting Point pioneered and led by the Presbyterians.
"Wherever the Word is truly preached (gospel proclaimed) and practiced (gospel signified), therein, and therein only, is the church unified regardless of its cultural location, or its native tongue or its musical forms." (quote from TGC)