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Inspiring and equipping young people to love God and love others.

We're excited to see a vibrant community of young people coming together, wanting to live for Jesus and love others everday.

We meet on a Sunday night, 7pm in two week blocks, with a week off inbetween. One week we spend time singing songs of worship and gather around the Bible to explore it, to learn about God and be shaped in how we live. The other week we go into small groups to discuss, to wrestle with the tough stuff and pray for each other as we offer support and encouragement.

It's not to say we always get it right, because we don't but we are committed to serving each other as we discover more about God and each other - it's a vibrant, colourful community of young people.

Come and join us!

For more information, chat to Mark.


Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story

"I love going to Junior Church to learn about God. It’s really exciting to find out about him because he can do everything. We get to see our friends, read Bible stories and sing songs. My favourite song is ‘The Rainbow Song’. The leaders are really kind and fun."