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Parent Course

Children don't come with an instruction manual but we could all use a little help and advice.

BOOST is a brief training programme aimed at helping parents build on their own parenting skills and relationship with their children.

It is hoped that by engaging in BOOST, parents will reflect and build on:

  • Their relationship with their children;
  • Their ability to support their child’s education;
  • Their ability to enhance their children’s social and emotional skills;
  • Behaviour management.

The programme is designed to run over 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, with a group of 3-15 parents who have nursery/primary school aged children in their family.

The programme is mainly practical in nature, with opportunities for group discussion, roleplay, fun games and short video clips. These will help to reinforce and develop the principles being introduced.

The programme recognises that parents have an essential contribution to make, viewing them as experts in their own children. The leader of the programme will contribute their professional expertise and knowledge and will work to help parents apply the information to their own particular family and circumstances. As such, the person leading the programme acts as a facilitator rather than in a teaching role.


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Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story

"I love going to Junior Church to learn about God. It’s really exciting to find out about him because he can do everything. We get to see our friends, read Bible stories and sing songs. My favourite song is ‘The Rainbow Song’. The leaders are really kind and fun."