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Just Peacekeeping


  • Conclusions

    David McMillan concludes the Just Peacekeeping series recapping the main points with interviews with Charles Beattie, Sam McBride and Dave Smyth

    25 November 2012 PM | | Download | Play
  • Part 3

    David McMillan continues with Part 3 of Just Peacekeeping

    11 November 2012 PM | | Download | Play
  • Part 2

    David McMillan continues the Just Peacekeeping series looking at the Christian vocation of incantational discipleship and why Christian should be signing up to covenent relationships instead

    4 November 2012 PM | | Download | Play
  • Part 1

    David McMillan begins a series entitled "Just Peacekeeping". The first looks at the Sermon on the Mount and the practice of transformational initiatives

    28 October 2012 PM | | Download | Play
Deborah's Story

Deborah's Story

"Windsor’s relaxed feel, real mixture of people and the lack of pressure or guilt in terms of level of commitment makes it 'a church without walls'. It is a church with love, with understanding, with both a heart and brain, with both hands and feet and most of all, it is a church with a very warm welcome for all, no matter what their story."